Lilyfield Christian Adoption and Foster Care

Older Child Adoption

While most private adoptions are for infants or newborns, there are times with a birth parent decides that the best decision for an older child is adoption. We have completed private adoptions for children as old as age 7. These children never enter the child welfare system. We are able to work with the birth parents to find an appropriate adoptive family privately. Birth parents of older children can chose an adoptive family for their older child, just as they can for an infant. All of our adoptive families are active Christians who are excited to expand their families through adoption.

Since the dynamics of an older child adoption are different, our agency is happy to offer counseling and support services to the birth family, children and adoptive family before, during and after the adoption process. We recognize that while adoption might be the right choice for a birth family, there is a significant transition phase for all involved. We are committed to ensuring that our adoptions are successful. We will be with you each step of the way.

At Lilyfield, we are pleased to assist with your adoption of an older child.


If you are a birth parent considering adoption for your older child, please contact Lilyfield at 1-866-397-7202 or by email at


If you are an adoptive family considering older child adoption, please contact Lilyfield at 1-866-397-7202 or by email at We can assist you with your home study if you are in Oklahoma. We maintain a list of families interested in older child adoption, so that we have resources for birth families interested in placing an older child.