Lilyfield Christian Adoption and Foster Care

Traditional Family Foster Care

Traditional Family Foster Care

Lilyfield has been licensing foster homes for children in the custody of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services since 2008. As one of the first providers of private foster care in Oklahoma, Lilyfield both licenses and maintains foster homes through our agency. Our Supported Home program serves children ages 0-17. We are currently in need of families that are able to care for sibling groups and children of all ages, but especially children over the age of 6. 



We believe that by providing loving foster homes to children in state custody we can be the hands and feet of the Lord in this world, to the most vulnerable of children.


Lilyfield providesfoster care for children ages 0 to 17 years who are in the custody of the State of Oklahoma due to child abuse or neglect. The staff of Lilyfield and the foster parents form a team to provide a healthy, healing environment to the children placed in the foster homes as well their family members and to serve them in any way possible.

Bridge Foster Home Concept

Lilyfield’s Foster Care program  certifies homes utilizing the Bridge Concept. A Bridge Foster family is a family who may be asked to provide temporary care, love and nurturance to the child, and serve as a mentor actively helping the parent improve their ability to safely care for their children. A Bridge Foster Home will stay connected to the child and assist in the transition to reunification, legal guardianship or adoption to another family. A Bridge Foster Home may also serve as a legal guardian for the child while maintaining a child’s connection to kin, culture and community. A Bridge Foster Home may adopt the child while maintaining a child’s connection to kin, culture and community.

Becoming a Lilyfield Foster Parent

Becoming a Lilyfield Foster ParentThe process for becoming a certified foster home is intensive; it is our belief that serving these vulnerable children is worth the time and effort that may be invested. If you are interested in becoming a foster home for children in state custody through Lilyfield, please contact us and we can help guide you through the process.

In the Oklahoma City area, contact Jordan Sanchez at 405-216-5240 or

In the Tulsa area, contact Courtney Sunderland at (918)-346-6373

We hold various informational meetings and orientations around Oklahoma City and Tulsa throughout the year. We would love it if you joined us as we serve the Lord by serving these children!

Our Model of Service

Lilyfield's foster care program is centered on the belief that caring for children in need of families is a primary calling of the Christian church. Christian families find our programs particularly meaningful. Lilyfield identifies with their faith position, and understands that they receive their purpose and calling through their faith, and their church families create a natural support system around them as they walk through the emotional journey of being foster parents. The wrap around supportive services of Lilyfield help ensure that our foster families are prepared and equipped for long term foster parenting.

Lilyfield recruits foster parents from the community, through local churches, word of mouth, informational meetings and referrals from other foster families. We work with them to help educate their friends and family about the foster care process. We provide all of the required training through our certified trainers, with the unique perspective of a faith based organization. From the beginning, our families view their role as foster parents as a ministry. Our families are eager to serve not only foster children, but their biological families and the OKDHS caseworkers who are working with those biological families.

Lilyfield provides the comprehensive services needed to become a certified foster family. From training to home studies and foster home supervision, our agency guides families through each step of the journey.

After families are certified, we work closely with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services to ensure that our families are able to take placement of and care for the specific children who have the greatest need for placement, and are the best fit for the individual family’s circumstances.

Lilyfield staff members are trained in a variety of models of care to support our families. We rely on Trust Based Relational Intervention and Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to guide much of our training and services to families. The children served by Lilyfield's foster care program have experienced trauma and are hurting when they arrive in our families and our agency is committed to equipping families with resources needed to help the children find healing.

We provide the following support services once a family has placement:

  • Meals during the first few days following a new placement
  • Weekly phone calls with a Lilyfield caseworker
  • Monthly in-home visitation with a Lilyfield caseworker
  • Referrals and support for any needed services
  • Liaison services between the foster family and the Oklahoma Department of Human Services
  • Ongoing education and training
  • Monthly Support Groups and Therapeutic Services through our Care Connect Program
  • Additional funding and support for items needed for foster children placed in the foster home

Program Success

Lilyfield has seen great success as we equip and support foster families. Our families are prepared for the difficulties that come along with their role as foster parents, leading to very few moves for children who are placed in our care. Our program is designed to keep children in a stable foster home until they are able to move into their permanent home through family reunification or adoption.