Lilyfield Christian Adoption and Foster Care

Adoption Services Designed with You in Mind

When you make the incredibly difficult decision to place a baby for adoption, you need all the support you can get – from family, friends, and the agency you’re working with. You probably never imagined having a conversation that included the words, “adopt my baby,” but you should know that this distressing situation happens to many women all over the world. You’re not alone, and at Lilyfield of Oklahoma City and Tulsa, we take extra steps to make sure you feel well taken care of.

Adopt My Baby for His Welfare

The staff at Lilyfield knows that women who places babies for adoption have a strength that’s all their own, but some of the strength they need has to come from the staff at the adoption agency too. Via an intensive screening process, we work hard to make sure your biological son or daughter will end up in a nurturing, supportive home full of love and care. With an exclusively Christian client base, we seek out families who are ready to raise the child spiritually as well as financially. And our screening process includes a medical history for the adoptive parents so they’re prepared to deal with whatever comes up in the child’s life.

Rely on Our Skilled Professionals

We offer not only placement services but also counseling services and support during pregnancy when necessary. We are able to help you look at your own financials to see if you will need any help paying for prenatal care. And we’re always here to talk, where ever you are in the adoption process. Call today for more information: (405) 216-5424 or toll free at (866) 397-7202.