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Placing a baby for adoption is a very personal decision, and it requires a lot of thought and consideration. Lilyfield has been providing quality adoption placement services to birth mothers in Tulsa and other nearby areas for over 10 years. If you are a birth mother who is considering placing your child for adoption, our caring team at Lilyfield can help. We have experienced staff members offering guidance and support, to help you determine what is best for your needs. Our not-for-profit Christian adoption agency will guide you through the process of how to place your baby for adoption, and we will ensure that you have excellent care during and after your pregnancy.

Placing a child for adoption is a very brave thing to do. Our staff members will be compassionate, caring, and professional to ensure that all of your emotional and physical well-being needs are met. All prospective adoptive parents must go through an intensive screening process, so you can trust that your child will be placed with a loving home that is stable and secure. We carefully match children who have been placed with our agency, to ensure that they are placed with the right family fit for their needs. If you would like further information, or if you would like to speak with our staff for support, we are available 24/7 to be here when you need us the most.

What Birth Mothers Will Receive

  • Counseling Services
  • Assistance with Medical Care
  • Assistance with Legal Matters
  • 24/7 Support
  • Post Adoption Services

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Contact us today if you would like further information about placing a child for adoption, or if you need assistance for any other reason. We will be pleased to help in any way that we possibly can.