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Lilyfield raises awareness at Oklahoma Christian University

Sunday, March 31, 2013
Lilyfield teamed up with Oklahoma Christian University last week to bring awareness children in Oklahoma who are in need of families. A week of chapel services was been dedicated to foster care, adoption, and the fatherless at Oklahoma Christian.

“We believe that every child deserves a family,” said Holly Towers, Executive Director of Lilyfield. “Participation with the fatherless and the modern day orphan is not optional when we are focused on Christ and living a Godly lifestyle.”

Lilyfield lined up speakers and organizations from the community and other non for profit organizations to speak on the needs of the fatherless in our community.

“Many people can foster or adopt. But even those who cannot open their homes to a child can ensure that other Christian families are able to,” said Towers. “We also hope that a seed might be planted in the hearts of these students to one day foster or adopt.”

Ms. Towers kicked off the week by sharing Lilyfield’s dream of a family for every child in Oklahoma. The campus then heard from Tom Ward, CEO of SandRidge Energy and founder of White Fields. Mr. Ward shared his passion of supporting the fatherless as an act of obedience to the Gospel. Other speakers were: John Sowers, author of the Fatherless Generation and President of The Mentoring Project; Ben Nockels, Director of the 111 Project; and Josh Kingcade, Adoptive Father and minister at Memorial Road Church of Christ.


Lilyfield Executive Director with Josh and Aubrey Kingcade. The Kingcades welcomed all three of their children into their home through the Lilyfield foster care program. All three have now been adopted. 

Students had the opportunity to donate a meal swipe to help fund the cause of providing families for children in Oklahoma through the adoption and foster care programs at Lilyfield. Other efforts included donating spare change in baby bottles located around campus and connecting with featured organizations through volunteer and internship opportunities.

“Students often wonder how they can be involved in making a difference in the lives of children. Through these efforts, students can help provide homes for children by donating their time and resources,” stated Towers.

Openness in Adoption

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

We get to see life-changing moments every day at Lilyfield.

When prospective adoptive parents begin the adoption process, they often wonder what a relationship with the child's birth parents might look like. There are often misconceptions about the relationship between birth and adoptive families. It is not uncommon for both sides to have fear and anxiety about an ongoing relationship.

While every adoption is unique, at Lilyfield we often see our birth and adoptive families build beautiful relationships that benefit one another and most of all the child! Adoption is a wonderful gift. Investing the time into these relationships is almost always worth the effort. When open adoption relationships are established, secrecy and shame are minimized.

A Lilyfield adoptive mother recently wrote these words about her experience with open adoption:


"Isn't it funny how relationships evolve? We never would have suspected our adoption would be this open, or that our relationship with our birth mom would include so much more than just our daughter. We are so happy for her, and enjoy celebrating her successes with her. I think almost as much as she enjoys celebrating our daughter with us."

Adoption provides an opportunity for families to unite together to build a strong support system around a child! We are so thankful to be a part of such a life changing process. 

Lilyfield is a finalist for the Sandridge Power of a Dream grant! Vote NOW!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Lilyfield is honored to be a finalist for the Sandridge Power of a Dream grant, but we truly need your help! Please vote for us to win at! The proceeds will go toward providing more foster homes for children in Oklahoma who are currently living in shelters, and resources for those children.

On November 14, 2012, there were 11 children under the age of 5 years old in a state run shelter in Oklahoma City. Each of these children was a victim of abuse, neglect or abandonment, left in a shelter due to no fault of their own. Less than 2 weeks before Thanksgiving, a 10-day-old baby lingered in the hospital because there was no home available for her.

Our city is facing a crisis that we must address. Babies should not be left in hospitals and shelters because there are no families equipped to take them home. The good news is that there are families willing to step up and make an impact on these children. In order to accommodate these new families, funding is needed to certify and train families to become foster parents.

Resources are needed to certify and train families to become foster parents. The certification process includes training and equipping these families in preparation for children to be placed in their home. This includes training materials, equipment and processing certification documents.

In many cases, foster families also need means to care for the children who come into their home. Children often come to us with their meager belongings in trash bags or cardboard boxes. Frequently, their clothing is the wrong size or in poor shape, if they have any clothing at all. They rarely come with toys or other personal belongings. Specifically, funding would be used to purchase clothing, shoes, coats, luggage, toys, books and related items for children being served by Lilyfield foster families.

Lilyfield hopes to reduce the number of children who are without families by finding families who can provide a loving home for them. Our dream is for children in our foster care program to know their foster families and their communities love them, even at a time when their biological families are unable to care for them.

Help us spread the word for this incredible cause!

October Highlights

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

As we gear up for National Adoption Month in November and the holidays that follow, the work we do at Lilyfield seems especially important. Our adoptive and foster families are ministering to the children placed in their homes day and night. We are so thankful to be part of this important work.

If you haven't visited our new website, I encourage you to do so. Information about our recent name change can be found here. We have just completed our site visit with the Council on Accreditation and look forward to receiving our national accreditation sometime in 2013. 

Found Causes

Lilyfield was featured recently on Found Causes. You can watch the 30 minute episode, which focuses on Foster Care, Online. We were honored to share about our ministry.

Volunteers Needed

We are in need of volunteers to serve our families and programs in several ways. If you are interested in being involved in our work by volunteering, please email Holly Edwards. We are updating our volunteer database and will be sending out several opportunities in the near future. Many of our opportunities are ideal for small groups or Sunday School classes, as well as families and individuals.

Emergency Foster Care Program

We have recently started our Emergency Foster Care Program, which provides short term placements to very young children. These families ensure that these children never spend one night in a shelter. Information about the program can be found our website. For more information, contact Jordan Sanchez.

Christmas Wishes

We are currently collecting Christmas Wish Lists for our foster children. If you would like to "adopt" a Lilyfield Foster Family this Christmas, please email Holly Edwards. We need your help!

Community Education

We have staff members available to come and present to your small group, Sunday School class, or just a group of friends about the important work of Lilyfield. We can share the importance and significance of adoption and foster care for Christians, as well as present ways for you to be involved with our agency. If you would like to hear more about these opportunities, contact Holly Towers. 

As always, we ask for your prayers and partnership. We could not do this ministry without you.

Summer 2012 Updates

Friday, July 27, 2012

We have had a busy and exciting summer at Christian Services of Oklahoma! Our adoption and foster care programs have been busy serving many birth mothers, children and families. We are also in the final stretch of our effort to receive national accreditation through the Council on Accreditation (COA). We look forward to October, when the reviewers from COA will be here in person.

You can make a difference in the lives of children with us!

Annual Benefit Auction

We hope that you will join us on August 24, 2012, for our Annual Benefit Auction. Our theme this year is "Every child is  story yet to be told." Our devoted and loving foster and adoptive families ensure that the children we serve have the opportunity to reach their full potential. If you are a Christian Services foster or adoptive parent and have a story of one of "our children" we would love for you to share that with us! Email Angie Ricketts or call us at 405-216-5240.

The Auction will be held starting at 6:30 p.m. August 24 at the Edmond Community Center. Sponsorships and tickets are available by calling the office at 405-216-5240 or visiting our website. We will also be sharing exciting news about our agency's growth and future. Your partnership with our agency ensures that children will have loving, Christian families to help write the stories of their lives. We look foward to seeing you there!

Emergency Foster Care

Everyday, our agency receives a listing of the children waiting at the Oklahoma County Shelter for a foster home. These children are at the shelter because they have been victims of child abuse or neglect. The only reason they are waiting is because there are not enough families who have said "YES!" to caring for these children.

Christian Services of Oklahoma has recently signed a new contract with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services to provide desperately needed Emergency Foster Homes. These homes provide short term placements for the very youngest of children who are taken into state custody.  The purpose of Emergency Foster Care is to ensure that infants and young children do not spend one single night in a shelter, but are immediately placed into a family. Placements usually last less than 30 days, until a relative or long term foster home is located for the child.

We need your help! Please visit our website to find out more information about this important program. We are seeking 4-5 families who are willing to open their homes to these vulnerable children. For more detailed information about Emergency Foster Care, contact Jordan Sanchez at 216-5240 or by email.

Even if you can't open your home to a foster child, you can impact their lives by making a donation to our agency or spreading the word about need among your family and friends.

Every Adoption is Unique

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Brant and Jamie received the exciting call early one Saturday morning that they had been chosen to parent a sweet baby girl who had just been born.I recently had the privilege of being part of two adoptive placements that occurred in one week. Those two placements, even though they occurred within days of each other, were completely different in several aspects. The first adoption took three months of careful planning. The birth mother picked the adoptive parents and met with them on several occasions. The adoptive parents that this birth mother was matched with attended doctor’s appointments, ultrasounds and child birth classes with the birth family every week for six weeks. The adoptive parents and the birth family built a close relationship during this time. The birth mother carefully planned what she wanted to happen at the hospital the day the baby was born. The birth mother asked the adoptive mother to be present for the birth of the baby. She also planned for the baby to stay in a separate room where the adoptive parents could care for him during the hospital stay.

The second placement we made occurred five days after the placement mentioned above. This adoption plan began on a Friday evening with a phone call from the birth mother who delivered a healthy baby girl earlier that morning. I immediately went to visit the birth mother. That evening she made an adoption plan and picked the family that she believed God prepared for her little girl. On Saturday, the adoptive parents were notified that their profile book had been picked by a birth mother and that the baby was already born. The family was very excited! On Saturday afternoon, the adoptive family met their baby girl for the first time. The adoptive parents were even able to stay with their baby girl at the hospital until she was discharged the following day. Unlike the first adoption plan, this birth mother only needed a few short hours to make her adoption plan.

Every birth mother has different preferences and expectations for their adoption plan. The staff at Christian Services of Oklahoma helps birth mothers create an adoption plan according to her unique wishes and needs. It is an honor to help women make adoption plans for their children. Thank you for helping make our ministry possible. 

 Brittany Orr, LMSW 
 Adoption Coordinator

The Agape Project

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Agape Project is a personal project that involved birth moms and adoptive families to show how much love there is in adoption.

Items Needed for Foster Children

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

We need your help! Our foster care program is growing and some of the children we are serving have immediate needs.

Needs Include:

  • Girls clothing in sizes 24 months, 3T, 4T, and size 5. We gladly accept used clothing in good condition and will take clothing in other sizes as well.
  • Diapers, especially in sizes 4 and 5
  • A changing table to accommodate families with young children visiting our office

If you can help us with these needs, please contact Holly Edwards at 405-216-5240 or by email at 

Thank you so much for your willingness to bless the children and families that we serve!

Spring Updates

Thursday, March 08, 2012

We have a few quick updates for you about upcoming events.

Pregnancy Counseling

We have seen a large increase in the number of referrals we receive for pregnancy and adoption counseling. Many of these referrals are coming from individuals or churches familiar with our agency. If you know of someone in need of our birth parent counseling services, please have them contact Brittany at 405-216-5240 or by email at You can also visit our website to find out more about what we offer to women who are in an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption. We also serve women who wish to place their older children or toddler for adoption. 

Foster Care

The pas few months have brought our agency the wonderful blessing of meeting with many families interested in foster care. If you or someone you know is interested in this ministry, we would be happy to come visit with you personally. We are also available to do presentations to your small group or at churches. Contact Holly Edwards at 405-216-5240 or by email at to get a meeting set up. 

We continue to recruit a foster family for our transitional care program. We have been contacted by more and more birthmothers wanting assistance in placing their older children for adoption. We need a special transitional care family willing to provide temporary care for children ages birth-12 years of age. Typically our transitional care families care for one to two children per year for short periods of time until an adoptive family is identified and able to take placement. Theses temporary placements last from 5 days to a few months. If you are interested in joining our ministry in this way, please contact Brittany Orr at 405-216-5240.

Tot Trot

The 2012 Tot Trot is scheduled for May 11, 2012 at Stars and Stripes Park at Lake Hefner. Come join us for an evening of fun and activities! Information and registration are available online

Adoption Training

The Oklahoma Adoption Coalition is hosting a training on special needs adoption for adoptive and foster families, as well as professionals.The training will  be held April 20 in Oklahoma City. Information can be found on our website. Christian Services is a member agency of the OAC and we are pleased to help present this training. Please pass the information along to families who might be interested. 

$13 a Day Campaign

Our $13 a Day Campaign is going strong, but we still need more monthly sponsors! The more sponsorships we receive, the more children we can provide with loving foster homes. Consider joining us in this endeavor. 

Miracles on Ice

Monday, January 23, 2012
Miracles on Ice is another great and fun way to support Christian Services of Oklahoma. For every ticket you buy under our agency's name, Christian Services of Oklahoma will receive $4. As always, we appreciate your support and partnership!

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