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Super Bowl Michael Oher

by Lilyfield, Inc. - Friday, February 05, 2016

Adoption touches almost every family in one way or another. Adoption provides a priceless gift, both to children and to families. When we make adoption placements, we don’t have an idea what the true impact on the life of the child will be.  We can easily look at people and wonder where they will be in 15-20 years or what they will accomplish in that timeframe.


Here are some influential individuals who were either fostered or adopted:

Steve Jobs - founder of  Apple – Adopted  

Dante Culpepper - Football player - Fostered

Dave Thomas - founder of Wendys - Adopted

Faith Hill - singer - Adopted

Michael Oher - football player - Fostered


The movie Blindside was based off Michael Oher’s childhood. It is an amazing story of how one mom had deep compassion for Michael Oher regardless of the differences in their worlds. She looked at Michael and saw something special in him. This weekend Michael will be playing in Super Bowl on the main stage in front of millions world-wide. His mother could have never imagined him playing in the Super Bowl when she encountered him at a time of such great need. It wasn’t an idea of his future success that prompted her to love him.  She felt compelled that she wanted to make her life count and in turn make a difference in a complete stranger.


As we see needs right in front of us, I pray that we respond. That allow our hearts to be touched and that we move to help children to have hope and a future. Saying yes to loving children gives us the chance to develop qualities in them that will last forever. 

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