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Kid's Camp provides healing and hope

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

We held our First Care Connect Kid's camp a few weeks ago in July. The camp was a therapeutic day camp for kids who have been adopted. It was a unique opportunity for the kids to come together and share their experiences while they learned new coping skills and ways to be healthy and whole. We enjoyed time with their parents at the start and end of each day.

We launched Kid's Camp in response to the tremendous need we saw in our community for post adoption services and support. We know  and understand the adoption and foster care experience through our work placing children. This experience gave us a desire to serve families who have moved past the initial placement phase of their journey.

Our Kid's Camp used material from Trust Based Relational Intervention along with some other models that teach strategies to deal with grief, loss, anxiety, and attachment. Each child had a personal "buddy" for the week. Our buddies were amazing community volunteers who spent the entire week working with these incredible kids one-on-one. We laughed, played and had tons of fun!

We have heard from the parents and children that coming to camp open doors for them to talk with each other and learn skills and strategies for challenges they may face. 

It is our hope and prayer that the time spent at camp will be a positive experience for these really special kids and families!

Care Connect

Monday, March 24, 2014
Lilyfield is pleased to announce the launch of its new Care Connect program. Care Connect is a comprehensive post adoption support and counseling program, consisting of support groups, case management, education, training, counseling, and referrals to families facing challenges following adoption.

“Adoption is a life long journey. Most children who are adopted experience very few challenges. However, some children and families find themselves in need of help and we hope to be a support in those instances,” said Holly Towers, Executive Director.

Care Connect equips and supports families who have opened their homes to children who may come to them with a variety of significant needs and challenges. Lilyfield is dedicated in supporting families through this phase in their life and to providing healthy family units. Care Connect is the vital post adoption component that is frequently missing for families. 

Care Connect is a trauma informed program, which utilizes the well known Trust Based Relational Intervention model developed by Dr. Karen Purvis and Dr. David Cross. Care Connect also incorporates other trauma-focused methods.

“We know that some children come into adoptive families with painful histories. This program is designed to help families guide their children to a place of healing,” said Towers.

Care Connect families would have access to a Lilyfield counselor to guide them on their journey as an adoptive family. The counselor is dedicated to walking alongside families in this program by providing adequate support and referrals to services available
Support groups are held on the second Tuesday evening of each month and child care is available with pre-registration. Individual and family counseling services are provided to families on a sliding scale fee.

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