Lilyfield Christian Adoption and Foster Care


Lilyfield runs two distinct programs.

Private Adoption Program:

Our private adoption program serves women in unplanned pregnancies who are considering adoption; couples wishing to grow their families through domestic adoption; and families pursuing international adoption. We provide comprehensive domestic adoption services to both birth families and adoptive families.

Our services for birth parents include confidential counseling, 24 hour phone hotline, support, medical assistance, case management, legal and placement services, post adoption services and assistance with ongoing contact with the adoptive families. All birth parents services are completely free of charge. More information about our birth parent services can be found here.

Our services for domestic adoption include education and training, home study services, counseling, match with birth parents, full placement services, post placement supervision and support, and adoption finalization. We work with couples who wish to adopt through Lilyfield or couples who anticipate receiving placement through another agency and need only a home study or other parts of our adoption services. More information about our adoption services can be found  here.

Our services for international adoption include home study and post placement services. We coordinate with international placing agencies or attorneys to ensure that all of the documents are correct and will be accepted by the country where the couple is adopting. More information about our international adoption services can be found here.

Contract Foster Care Program:

Our Contract Foster Care Program is run in partnership with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS). Lilyfield provides fully licensed foster homes for infants and young children in the custody of OKDHS. The foster care program is a long term, family foster care program. There is no charge for foster families who work with our agency. Children in our foster care program may be reunited with their biological parents, go to live with relatives, be placed in another foster home with siblings or be adopted by their foster parents. The courts and OKDHS make placement recommendations. Lilyfield supports the permanency plan of the courts and of OKDHS. More information about our unique foster care program can be found here.
For more information about any of programs, feel free to contact our office at 405-216-5240.