Lilyfield Christian Adoption and Foster Care

Stories of Hope

"We chose adoption to grow our family but were surprised by the life changing experience it actually was. One tiny baby and our birthmother's loving, selfless decision has impacted not only our lives but the lives of our family and friends. We thank God for our beautiful baby boy and the amazing blessing of adoption."

Brett & Kari

Adoption is special to us as we are able to provide a loving family to our child as well as providing a way to grow our family. We have been especially touched by the love and support of our famiy and friends throughout our adoption journey. We are very blessed to have our son in our live.

Brock and Emily

Not only have we gained a son, but we’ve also grown so close to his birth family, we consider the family as well. We’re thankful for those relationships and we feel blessed that our son is growing up surrounded by lots of love.

Bryson and Raychel

I just want to thank you again for all you did for the adoptive family leading up to this wonderful day - and for the kind and caring information you shared with me in the last month! (The adoptive parents) have asked us to be the grandparents (to this child). We are thrilled and honored! They are special people!


When God called us to be foster parents in the Fall of 2013 I never imagined what he had in store for us. God sure does have a sense of humor, doesn’t He? If someone had told me 2 years ago that I would be doing foster care and have 5 children, I would have laughed in their face. It is certainly not what we would have planned, but God’s plans are always better than we can ever expect.  God is using these experiences in fostering to mold us into the individuals and also the family that he wants us to be.

Krista J.

"Adoption made us a family and filled our hearts to the brim. Our prayers were answered with the precious gift of Sam, and he is tender reminder of God's love. We are forever grateful and honored to be his parents."

Rodney & Ashlee

I wanted to take time to thank you for all your hard work and kindness. I feel so blessed to have met you and that God put you in my life just at the perfect time when I needed you! You truly have a heart for service, it definitely shows in the work you do for young women who are hurting and need you to help them through their tough decisions. Thank you for your patience and for all the many times you encouraged me and gave me advice. Thank you for having faith in me when I needed it the most. I needed someone to believe in me, and you were one of the few people that did that! It's very hard to imagine how I would have gotten through this painful experience without your love, dedication to me, as well as your consistent support. Thank you for helping me see the light at the end of a very dark tunnel! I will always be grateful for your presence in my life, when I felt so alone and scared. You have comforted me in more ways than you know! I pray that God will bless Lilyfield and the women who will come to you for help they will be blessed by you!


Nothing could compare us for the awe and pure joy sweet Rose has brought to our lives. We will be forever grateful for the experience of adoption and cannot find the adequate words to describe the magnitude of this blessing. We thank God for the incredible gift of this precious baby girl and we know the wait and trials we’ve faced have been well worth it.

Teddy and Sara

God is writing a story for our family that we could have never penned ourselves and we are overwhelmingly blessed to be living this chapter with our sweet Penny.

Will and Amy

We have grafted him into our family, like Jesus grafted us into His. What a testimony we have of the gospel…right here in our arms.

Zach and Erin