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Nearly 8,500 children are in the custody of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services in 2018. In our experience of engaging biological, foster, and adoptive families, we have come to understand that some children who enter foster care could remain safely in their homes, given the right tools and support, which is why we launched our EmpowerOKC program in 2018. While we continue to offer adoption, foster care, counseling and independent living program, our expanded focus allows us to interact with families before the need arises for the involvement of child welfare. EmpowerOKC has partnered with Westwood Elementary School, an Oklahoma City Public School, to identify at-risk students and provide support to students and their families to help prevent them from entering the child welfare system. This program includes parenting classes, education support for children, mentor families, counseling, case management, resource referral, tutoring and much more. In doing so, we hope to continue to fulfill our vision of guiding children, youth and families on a path to healing and permanency.



Lilyfield’s prevention program provides vital support to at-risk Oklahoma families. In addition to funding, our new program requires significant volunteer manpower. We hope you will pray for us and consider how you might join us as we continue to build healthy and strong families for children Oklahoma. As state agencies experience accumulating budget cuts and reductions in services, it is imperative that nonprofit organizations step in to strengthen our most vulnerable families. Lilyfield is honored to partner with a broad base of individual, foundation, corporate and church donors. In order to continue expanding critical services to Oklahoma communities, we must continue to build on this support.

We invite you to partner with Lilyfield in this journey.

Lilyfield is a 501c3 nonprofit. All donations are tax-deductible. To give, call (405) 216-5240 or give online at


Thank you for your prayers of support and generosity as we move forward building healthy families and communities.





Holly Towers, LCSW

Executive Director