Lilyfield Christian Adoption and Foster Care

Domestic Adoption Services

Lilyfield has specialized in domestic infant adoption since 2000. We are thrilled to be a part of the adoption journey with our families.

Generally, we help women wishing to place their unborn children for adoption to connect with prospective adoptive couples working with our agency. We provide guidance to both prospective adoptive families and birth mothers for every step of the adoption process. We focus our efforts on providing quality, caring services to each member of the adoption triad (child, birth mother and adoptive parents).

Our adoption services do not end at placement. We provide continued post placement support for adoptive parents and children. We are also committed to providing ongoing support for birth mothers after placement.

Each adoption is different and unique. Although we primarily place infants, we do occasionally have older children available for adoption.

Frequently Asked Adoption Questions

How will Lilyfield assist us in our adoption journey?

Lilyfield will be with your family every step of the way. You will participate in the home study process with our adoption counselors. This includes both individual and joint interviews and a home visit. We will guide you in the home study process. We will also provide initial and ongoing adoption education for you. Our adoption counselors will be here to assist you in each step of your adoption, from creating profile books, to your waiting time, to each detail about your adoption placement.

How am I chosen by a birth family?

Lilyfield adoption counselors work closely with both birth families and adoptive families to ensure that we know each parties preferences. We will guide you in creating a profile book which can be shown to birth parents. We will show your profile book to birth parents when your preferences line up.

We work closely with crisis pregnancy centers, doctors, hospitals and community resources agencies to ensure that prospective birth parents know about our services. We also advertise in the phone book and online.

Some birth and adoptive families find one another by personal contact. We are able to assist birth families and adoptive families who find each other outside of our process.

How long is the wait?

There is no easy answer to this question. We do not have a “waiting list.” After Lilyfield families are approved for adoption, their profiles are shown to birth mothers wishing to make an adoption plan. Some couples wait a few weeks and some much longer.

What kind of contact will we have with the birth family before and after the adoption?

Since each adoption is different, contact varies depending on birth family and adoptive family preferences.

A fully open adoption involves ongoing contact directly between the birth family and adoptive family.

A semi-open adoption involves contact between the birth family and the adoptive family with the agency as a mediator.

A closed adoption involves no contact between either parties and requires no disclosure of identifying information. Lilyfield arranges closed adoptions only at the request of the birth family.

When does placement occur?

Placement may occur right after the child is born and released from the hospital or following a stay in transitional care, which is provided while birth parents make their final decision. We allow our birth families and adoptive families to make the decision about placement.

I am working with an out of state agency, do you offer home study only services?

When situations arise where families need only pre and post placement services from a licensed Oklahoma agency, Lilyfield is here to help.

Whether you are using an out of state agency for your adoption plan or are in need of these services for another reason, we are happy to be a part of your adoption journey. We will work closely with your adoption placing agency or others involved with your adoption to ensure that you receive the best possible services from our agency.

Contact our office at 405-216-5240 for more information on how we can help your family!